Why Your Brain Can’t Forget Your First Love posted on 8th October 2018

Did you know that your experiences with your first love have the ability to rewire your brain chemistry? When they said there is nothing like your first love, they really meant it…

Reuniting with an old flame is a fantasy many of us have (and heck, we’ve filmed some incredible scenes all about rekindling an old flame) but this lust for nostalgia is actually based in science. 

Experts in neurology have discovered that the attachment you form with your first love, crush or intimate partner is actually pretty similar to the attachment formed between mothers and babies - and that a first love can trigger intense hormones such as oxytocin to flood the body, causing serious feelings of love and bonding.

These experiences can then actually change the way our brains are wired, and so we feel a rush of familiar happy hormone when we think about (or bump into) ‘the one that got away’. Studies have shown that even creatures which are usually prone to having sex with multiple partners (e.g. rats) will often revisit their first sexual partner, despite there being no rational reason to do so. It appears their brains can’t let them forget the draw of a first love, and humans aren’t so different. 

If the idea of reuniting with your school or college lover delights you, you may want to think twice about calling them, however - as our brains do a great job of remembering the best bits and deleting the less favourable memories!

If you want our advice, we’d stick to ex-lover reunions purely as a fantasy theme - and it couldn’t be better timing, as our latest movie ‘Sex With Friends’ is all about rekindling those intense relationships of our youths. Enjoy the first couple of chapters here


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