Why are dancers SO incredibly hot? posted on 8th January 2018

If you follow us on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know we’ve recently been filming our new movie, Positions. This film follows the journey of Florence, a dancer who has escaped the daily grind to finally inject some new creative passion into her routines.

It’s full of beautiful moves, intense chemistry and some incredibly seductive routines, and we’re incredibly excited for it to be released on the site. Both cast and crew alike agreed it was one of our hottest movies ever.

Which got us all thinking; what is it about a dancer that is so unbelievably sexy?

For starters, they’re physically strong. Years of intense training means that dancers have incredible balance and core strength, so whilst they might not be able to perform an impressive bench press, they’re likely able to do more with their muscles.

Speaking of muscles, we can’t deny that those in the dancing profession are usually incredibly fit, with muscle tone to rival Greek deities. If that’s not a turn-on, what is? 

With music so integral to their careers, dancers have impeccable rhythm, keeping the beat going when it matters the most. And as they’re so used to long and strenuous performances, you can bet that their stamina is higher than average.

All that stretching before and after shows can only mean one thing: flexibility. And who doesn’t secretly love watching someone bend their legs behind their heads?

And it turns out that our connection between dancing and sex appeal is not all in our heads, as a recent survey revealed that more than 80% of women believe the way a man dances is directly linked to his moves between the sheets. In fact, over half of the women surveyed admitted they’d ideally like to see a man on the dance floor before sleeping with him. 

Whether you’re a dancer yourself or not, you’d be hard pressed not to break out into a sweat over the scenes coming your way soon in Positions. Keep your eyes peeled for its release!

Now, as we’ve pretty much scientifically proven that dancers are the sexiest people on Earth, we’re off to join a tango class…


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