When is the best time to have sex? posted on 25th February 2019

OK, so clearly it’s ALL. THE. TIME. 

But if you had to pick just one time of the day to get frisky, what’s going to be the best for you?

Forget about the sweat and red faces: experts claim sex is at its peak just after you’ve been to the gym

Getting your heart rate up, whether through running, dance, personal training sessions or weightlifting can be the perfect foreplay for great sex – and here’s why:

— Exercise leads to a higher blood flow to all your organs – including your genitals – and the more blood there is flowing to these areas, the more intense and sensitive they are. Working out can also lead to increased lubrication for women

— Research suggests we feel way more confident after a workout versus beforehand. And we all know confidence is the sexiest thing of all… so get making those feel-good hormones and own it in the bedroom!

— Sex after a workout helps to burn more calories overall, making your session both enjoyable and productive! It also helps your metabolism work harder for longer

— Sex releases plenty of lovely hormones, including dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins – all of which help to block pain and can reduce the sensation of soreness after a workout

As if we needed any more convincing… Gym, anyone?


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When is the best time to have sex? posted on 25th February 2019
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