What do porn stars eat for lunch? posted on 19th March 2018

They say you are what you eat, but have you ever wondered what porn stars feast on to keep themselves in tip-top condition whilst they’re working on a shoot?

On set at Joybear, we believe there’s no better team bonding activity than sitting down to a delicious, nutritious and balanced meal (with the odd treat thrown in!).

We always make time to sit together to eat, relax and laugh. We see mealtimes as incredibly important and never rush through or cop out with junk food.

To make sure our cast and crew are happy, healthy and have plenty of energy, here’s what we serve in a typical day on set:


Capresse Salad

Pasta with pesto sauce

Chocolate & cinnamon mousse


Pumpkin & sweet potato soup

Roasted chicken in Catalan style

Seasonal fruit and yogurts

All washed down with homemade lemonade and plenty of water!

Everything we offer at our dining table is full of goodness - and it shows. I mean, have you seen our latest movies? Our performers are positively glowing!

Catch up on our latest productions here. Bon appetit!


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