Through the Window… posted on 27th August 2018

Does the idea of watching other people have sex turn you on?

If it does, you’re not alone. Offering a glimpse into other people’s sex lives (and who doesn’t want to know what everyone else is up to?), Voyeurism has been described as ‘real life porn’. In fact, it’s one of the most commonly reported fantasies, and so we’ve dedicated our latest scene to this saucy hobby. 

In the final chapter of ‘Inside’, a hot couple share a bubble bath in their lavish home. The walls are made entirely of glass, and so when one thing leads to another, they’re completely exposed.

Their neighbour looks on, enjoying the show - and when the couple realise she’s enjoying their steamy session, they play up to their audience. 

Featuring two of our favourite stars, Juan Lucho and Sicilia, this chapter makes you want to replace all your walls with windows…

Watch the full episode here


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