The Magic Wand: meet the accidental best-selling vibrator posted on 10th December 2018

In our latest scene from Sex With Friends, Lucia Fernandez and Emilio Ardana star as a long-term couple whose spark is dwindling. Hoping to spice things up, the pair reach for what is undeniably known as the world’s most famous, most powerful sex toy: the magic wand. 

But did you know that the popularity of the legendary orgasm-inducing accessory was a complete accident?

Originally introduced to the Western world in 1968 by Japanese manufacturer Hitachi, the Magic Wand was designed as a neck and shoulder massager which could help soothe the muscles of tense workers and athletes. 

But the success of the gadget had nothing to do with sore shoulders, and everything to do with its mains-powered, Earth-shattering, deep and rumbling vibrations. Breaking away from the status quo of relying on batteries, the power of the magic wand transformed the adult industry and instantly drove the development of the sex toy market forwards.

Despite Hitachi’s refusal to admit the wand’s true function, the adult industry has embraced this magical massager and today you’ll find powerful, affordable versions of the gadget marketed specifically as a sex toy.


And as you’ll see from Chapter 5 of Sex With Friends, it’s definitely one piece of tech you’ll want to invest in… The version we used for this scene, which features patterns as well as an adjustable power setting is the Doxy Massager. 



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