Shower Sex: Hot and Steamy or Total Washout? posted on 22nd January 2018

One of the hottest sexual fantasies throughout the ages is getting all hot and soapy with someone sexy in the shower.

Washing each other’s backs, making steamy shapes with your bodies on the glass… Having a partner when you shower can be a kinky way to start your day.

But is it everything it’s cracked up to be?

Shower sex might seem hot at first glance, but having a successful bathroom session is trickier than it looks.

Things get slippy, cold tiles against your booty can be a mood killer and finding a position which works for you both can seem impossible -  and don’t get me started on getting soap suds in places they shouldn’t be.

But all hope is not lost: shower sex can be incredibly hot when it’s done right. Here are our top tips to making whoopie in the washroom:

1. Turn them on by washing yourself first. If by some miracle you’re both in the shower and they haven’t got the message yet, start the proceedings by soaping yourself up and giving yourself a thorough wash. It won’t be long until they’re begging to be the one doing the scrubbing...

2. Remember: water is not a lubricant! Water may be wet, but it’s not the ideal way to lubricate your good times. Plus, having water directly running onto your crotches can dry things up as you’re likely washing away all your natural lubrication. The key is to keep the stream of water away from the action.

3. Keep those feet on the ground. Do not, I repeat, do not be tempted to put one leg up on the bathtub or side of the shower. You will slip. It will not be fun. Positions where both feet are on the ground are the ones to pick when you’re having a sexy shower.

4. Get yourself some specialist shower sex equipment. Yep, that’s a thing now! It’s 2018, and you can now can buy special foot rests and handles which attach to your shower using a suction cup. We love these ones from Lovehoney.

5. Bring along a buzzing best friend. Lots of vibrators are now made to be 100% waterproof, and having one with you in the shower can take things up to the next level of steaminess and boost your chances of having an incredible session.

6. Avoid harsh soaps. Perfumed soaps + sensitive areas = not good. If you’re using soap to get sexy, make sure it’s suitable for sensitive skin and not full of nasties. You’ll thank me later.

7. Safety first! And this time we’re not talking slip hazards. If you’re using condoms as your method of birth control, make sure you’ve checked with the manufacturer whether they’re suitable for use in the shower.

8. And if you’re still not sold… If you’re still not mad about the idea of sex in the shower, then why not take the pressure off? You can still share sexy shower times with your lover, but dedicate this time to incredible foreplay. Once you’re ready, wrap each other in big fluffy towels and head to the bedroom…

So there you have it, our top tips on having incredible sex in the shower. Go forth, lather, and enjoy!


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