Racing Pulse: we’ve got a new US distributor! posted on 22nd October 2018

We’ve got some news, gang... We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve signed a new North American distributor for our films: Pulse Distribution. The USA just got hotter!


We’re kicking off with six feature titles and a brand new line of ‘best-bit’ movies, which we’re calling the Joy Collection. This series of 15 compilations will be a mixture of our favourite moments, collected together around erotic themes (think ‘Dominate Me’ and ‘Fuck Me On The Desk’ – ooh!). 


It’s brilliant to have teamed up with such a high-quality distributor, and it helps that they’re also jolly nice people. They’ve even been quoted saying that “adding Joybear was an easy decision… the films are sexy, fun and beautifully shot.” We’ll take that!

Here’s to making America even sexier, and to exciting new relationships!


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