Neon is the new black... posted on 7th January 2019

We started the year on a very good note as the first scene from our new movie, Secret Sex Society, went live!

And although this film is heavy on the kink and hot with its BDSM, it’s anything but black and white. There may be whips and chains, but there’s no dark and dreary dungeons here - think sun-drenched patios, lazily swinging hammocks and industrial loft space vibes. 

There’s a distinctly colourful, neon-splattered theme to this movie and we can’t get enough of it. From Bel’s magenta underpants to Julia de Roca’s colourful wax-covered behind, we’re huge fans of colourful kink - and we think it’s about time porn got colourful! 

What do you think - are you a black and white loyalist, or can you be swayed for a neon dream?


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