Joybear Ethical Porn posted on 28th May 2018

Happy Monday gang! We’ve got some exciting news.

As you know, Joybear is proud to make incredible movies which are not only hot and steamy, but focus on female pleasure, too. 

This week, online magazine Bustle ran an article naming Joybear one of the top 8 sites on the internet to find ethical, female-led porn for men and women alike. Woo!

In an interview with our friend Erika Lust, Bustle named Joybear as the #4 ethical, female-focussed porn site in the world, saying “they have an amazing attitude towards sex and they take pride in their interesting, strong, and provocative female characters”. 

Bustle goes on to say: “A porn site that has provocative female characters? As in female characters that are multi-dimensional and not some cliché of a what a woman should be? Finally! Hollywood, take notes.”

We’re pleased as punch to be recognised in this way, especially as we work hard to make sure our movies show women in a strong, empowered and confident light. 

Take our latest movie, Positions, for example. Chapter 1 features Kali Sudhra and Jesus Reyes in a titillating rope bondage scene – with teacher Kali firmly holding the reins over her student. 

The result is a sensual scene not often found in your typical porn movie – one where a woman is in control in a legitimate way (and not in a fetishised manner) – and it’s spine-tinglingly hot for everyone involved. It’s real pleasure.  

Thanks to Erika and to Bustle for the love! You can watch more ethical porn here  enjoy…


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