If you could have sex with yourself, would you? posted on 25th June 2018

We’ve all secretly wondered what we’re like in bed, and there’s a reason mirrors are so popular in the bedroom (don’t deny it – you look good in the buff!). But if you were given the choice, would you have sex with yourself? And if you did have sex with yourself, is it just essentially masturbating?

According to a recent poll of 250k people by Buzzfeed, 44% of you said yes, you’d totally have sex with yourself if you could!

Our latest movie, Inside, is all about testing out sexual fantasies through altered reality, and the newest chapter (released today!) is all about exploring your own body through the eyes, hands, and body of someone else.

Uma has always secretly wanted to know what she’s like in bed: to see what she looks like from the point of view of another person, what she smells like - and most of all, what she tastes like. In this incredible scene, Julia Roca plays a character using virtual reality to inhabit the body of another woman… and to have an incredible lesbian experience with herself.

We adore this chapter because not only is it incredibly sexy, it’s beautifully shot. Julia Roca and Natalia Ferrari make the perfect pairing, and their raw, natural beauty makes this scene a joy to watch – whatever your sexual preference. Bush never looked so good…

If you could inhabit someone else’s body and have sex with yourself for one night, would you? Follow us on Twitter or Instagram and let us know!


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