How to have an incredible quickie posted on 4th December 2017

Sometimes the most amazing sex is long, lazy, drawn out, and indulgent. The kind of Sunday morning lovemaking that we see in the movies. But sometimes, the best sex can be fast, rough and ready – a good old-fashioned quickie.

Having a great quickie isn’t something we can all do easily - but it’s a skill everyone can learn with a few tricks up our sleeves. Here are my top tips for having an Earth-shattering quickie:

Sending the signal

Letting your partner know you’re in the mood for a quickie is where it all starts. If you’re together, it can be as simple as a cheeky look between you over dinner, or a gentle stroke of their inner thigh when they’re least expecting it. If you’re apart, a simple text can be enough to have them racing home - the more direct, the better!

Dress the part

There’s nothing sexier than initiating a quickie with your lover, only to reveal you’re perfectly prepared in sexy lingerie when your clothes are torn off. Many raunchy lingerie sets are now crotchless, saving valuable moments for you both whilst you’re in a ‘take me now’ kind of mood.

Location is key

Quickies rarely happen in the bedroom, as part of the thrill is getting your rocks off somewhere out of the ordinary. The shower is a great place to initiate sex, as is the kitchen (start by cooking dinner together and go from there!). If you’re the adventurous type, why not take to the great outdoors? Just make sure you’re not in view of any passers-by and that your partner also is comfortable with alfresco lovemaking!

Make sure you’re aroused

It’s especially important for women to be properly aroused before launching into sex, so if you’re looking to get down and dirty and skip the foreplay, it’s worth taking a moment to warm up alone. Arousal balms and gels are a great option - simply apply a little directly to the clitoris and wait for a warming sensation as you begin to tingle with desire. You can also sneakily warm up alone by nipping to the bathroom or just thinking about all the things you’re about to do. It’s a worthwhile investment for the quickie of your dreams!

The wetter, the better!

Quickies are the perfect scenario in which to use lube, and plenty of it! Women report having better, more satisfying sex when using a good quality lubricant, and it makes the whole experience of a fast and furious fumble so much more exciting. Slip and slide your way to express orgasms by keeping a mini or sachet in your bag.

Buzzing away

A little extra help never hurt anyone during a good quickie - quite the opposite, in fact! A vibrating cock ring or a small bullet vibrator can skyrocket your climax to new heights, so go for something with a strong, consistent vibration. Bonus points if you choose something which can be easily concealed until you’re ready to go.

Quickies are a fantastic way to inject a burst of passion into your day, wherever you are. Whether you use one or all of our tips above, play safe and make sure your partner is as raring to go as you are - and then all that’s left to do is enjoy!


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