How Many Women Really Have Lesbian Fantasies? posted on 13th August 2018

When it comes to girl-on-girl fantasies, especially within porn, there’s an old-fashioned perception that it’s something produced to please straight men (seeing two women together? Hot!). But in an age where sexuality is becoming more fluid than ever, research suggests that the majority of women regularly fantasise about lesbian encounters; either during masturbation, sex or whilst watching porn.

The term ‘Lesbian’ has consistently been a top search on porn sites since the internet was born, with women being 445% more likely than men to search for ‘girl on girl’. Wowzers!

If you needed more stats to convince you that women are getting in on the lesbian fantasy action, a study conducted by Justin Lehmiller revealed that 59% of straight women said they have had fantasies about having sex with other women. Another recent survey from the Boise State University found similar results, with 50% of straight female participants having had sexual fantasies that involve sex with women.

Given that these studies didn’t include lesbian, bisexual or pansexual participants, it’s safe to assume that the girl-on-girl scene is much-loved amongst women - and we couldn’t be more thrilled. 

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