Festive Foreplay: Office Party Moves To Seduce Your Crush posted on 19th December 2016

Over 2 million brits have hooked up with a colleague at an office party - so how can you make the moves to win the affections of your workplace crush?  

1. Turn up looking fantastic. Treat yourself to the new outfit you've been lusting after, moisturise and top up that tan if you're looking over-worked.

2. Don't drink too much - a little Dutch courage can work wonders, but stumbling and slobbering isn't going to impress anyone!

3. Keep it classy, not creepy. Nothing is worse than a desperate colleague who can't take a hint.

And if it doesn't go to plan? Remember to laugh, and never get angry. It could ruin more than just your office chit-chat, as according to advisory body Acas 'employment laws apply even when a party takes place somewhere other than in the workplace'. Get out there, have fun and be good!


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