Edging - The Best Sexual Move You've Never Heard Of posted on 7th November 2017

Have you ever heard of edging? It’s a seriously clever sexual technique you’ll want to keep up your sleeve...

Edging is a term used to describe the act of building up towards an orgasm and stopping all stimulation just at the point at which you (or your partner) is about to come.

It doesn’t sound sexy on its own – hell, it sounds downright frustrating – but it’s all part of a bigger masterplan.

Once stimulation has been stopped, there is usually a period of rest where the receiver of pleasure comes down from their almost-gasm (see what we did there?).

There may be no touching at all in order to allow them to come back to Earth, or there may be distraction techniques used (i.e. genital contact is stopped suddenly, but replaced with stroking the chest or neck). It’s all down to personal preference.

This process is then repeated, building the receiver up towards an orgasm, and once again stopping just as they reach the point of no return. Think of it as orgasm denial with a big payoff.

When you’re finally ready to let yourself (or your partner) climax, simply continue your stimulation without withdrawing your touch. And...

BOOM. *cue stars flashing, world shaking, knees trembling*

The best orgasms are all about the build-up, and sometimes a quickie simply doesn’t cut it. Edging gives your orgasm layer upon layer of sensation, creating a myriad of three, four, five or more different ogasms. Not only does this intensify and elongate your pleasure, it also increases the bloodflow to the genitals, meaning you actually feel more as your nerve endings become more sensitive. By the time you do climax, the sensations are multiplied and the result is far more satisfying orgasms.

Edging is a fantastic move to have up your sleeve because it works for both men and women. It’s a great way to build up to some of the most intense orgasms of your life, and it can also be a brilliant move to pull out when getting to know someone’s sexual preferences.

The more time you can spend building towards climax, the better lover you will become. You’ll need to have a good signal that you’re getting close to orgasm, as communication is key if you want to try edging. It’s great if your partner can also let you know what feels good and what’s likely to bring them closer quicker, so you can decide when to finally let them spill over into orgasm.

Why not give it a go? It’s a simple move but mind-blowingly effective. Ultimately, edging is the difference between ‘nice’ orgasms and ‘I’m-seeing-stars-and-I-forgot-my-name-and-I-can’t-walk-for-hours-ohmigodddddd’ orgasms.

Which would you rather have?


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