Couples who play together stay together! posted on 13th February 2018

If you were thinking about hiding your Joybear films from your partner - think again. A study has confirmed that couples who watch porn together report higher levels of sexual satisfaction than those who don’t. And that’s good news for everyone!

The study was carried out by psychologists in Canada who were interested in whether porn was a threat or an enhancement to sexual happiness within a relationship, and the results were fascinating!

Over 300 women were involved in the study and asked about porn within their relationships.

Mutual use of pornography was directly correlated with lower levels of distress in relationships, and increase levels of sexual satisfaction. Even if porn wasn’t watched together, when partners were honest about their personal porn usage, increased levels of happiness between couples was reported.

The levels of happiness were essentially based on whether partners chose to be honest with each other about watching porn. After all, honesty and openness are what hold relationships together, and being honest about sexual desires and sharing these through mutual porn use can serve to seriously strengthen and spice up relationships.

When couples share their sexual fantasies with each other, it shows they’re secure in themselves, in their own sexuality and in what turns them on. Not to mention all the fun that can be had recreating steamy movies...

Now grab your other half, get signed up to Joybear and enjoy!


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