Come Inside… posted on 11th June 2018

Last week the first chapter from our newest movie, Inside, went live on the site. And boy is it a steamy one!

The movie as a whole focuses on the idea of more than just virtual reality – it’s an alternative reality. When Uma steps inside The Cube, she can be anyone, do anything and feel everything. 

She simply selects a fantasy she wants to try (think bondage, girl-on-girl and groupie flings), plugs into The Cube and inhabits someone else’s body. This isn’t computer tricks – it’s real life sex, explored from the safety of her pod.

In the first scene, we discover Uma has a secret desire to be dominated, controlled, submissive... and that’s exactly what she gets. 

Inhabiting the body of a curvy brunette, she dons a sexy catsuit and plays cat-and-mouse with her mystery man, who is all too happy to take charge in the bedroom…

You’ll love this scene for its raw passion, respectful S&M vibes and incredible camera angles – Frida Sante and Alberto Blanco look incredible in one of the hottest oral scenes we’ve ever had the pleasure of filming…

Enjoy the full scene here. You know you want to.


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