Can Your Star Sign Predict How Good You Are in Bed? posted on 29th January 2018

They say your star sign plays a huge role in your personality, your passions and your desires. But what does the zodiac have to say about your skills in the bedroom?

Here’s the lowdown on what to expect between the sheets from each of the star signs...

Aquarians dislike routine, and like to keep things exciting in the bedroom. Expect them to mix things up with toys, lingerie and the occasional new and unusual move.

Pisces tend to be the most giving of the zodiac, putting their partner’s pleasure before their own - and always making sure they’re getting things right.

If you’re hooking up with an Aries, you’ll know that for them it’s all about the chase. These Rams are adventurous and impulsive, and tend to be the one to initiate sex.

Taureans are the most indulgent of the signs, and relish in pleasure of all kinds, including food, music and sex. The least likely to be satisfied by a quickie, Taureans love lazy, sensual, all-day lovemaking. 

* Emilio Ardana is a Taurean! *

Geminis don’t take life too seriously, and are brilliant at flirting. For them sex is all about fun, and are highly verbal, so expect plenty of laughs during sex, as well as skilled dirty talk.

Sleeping with a Cancer is a deeply emotional experience. This sign is committed and in control, and is likely to have the best sex when they feel safe in and out of the bedroom. 

* Juan Lucho is a Cancer! *

Leos are masters of seduction and love to be complimented and praised in the bedroom. Leos are generous lovers but are quick to dismiss a partner who doesn’t recognise their efforts.

Virgos are natural perfectionists, and can become obsessed by the technical details of lovemaking, eager to perfect their moves. Knowing exactly what they want, a Virgo may not enjoy too many sexual surprises!

Sex with a Libra is all about balance. These charming signs are great at the art of seduction, and are turned on by sensual surroundings. All about equality when it comes to pleasure, they give as good as they get.

Scorpios are the most intense, passionate, lusty and erotic of the signs – they’re kinky but very unlikely to forgive and have extreme strength of character if betrayed. 

* Julia de Lucia is a Scorpio! *

A Sagittarius loves a quickie, although they’re far more difficult to seduce than other signs. They know exactly what they want, and are unlikely to be swayed if they’re not in the mood. 

* Sicilia is a Sagittarius! *

Capricorns are organised and love planning – and this includes their sex lives. They love setting the scene for fantastic sex, but don’t expect too much spontaneity from these planners!

What do you think? Sceptic or not, the description of my sign was 100% bang on… but I’ll leave you to guess which one I am!


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