Can yoga give you an orgasm? posted on 5th November 2018

You’ve probably had an orgasm, but have you ever experienced a ‘Yogasm’ before? 

A Yogasm is an orgasm experienced during yoga practise, and experienced Yogis claim that they can happen to both men and women. It’s thought that the combination of deep, focussed breathing and specific yoga positions which open up the pelvis can lead to orgasmic sensations and even climax during sessions.

But sexual release during yoga workouts isn’t a new concept. Although modern day ‘orgasmic yoga’ classes (yes, they really exist!) can seem like a bit of a gimmick, the idea is actually based on one of the oldest forms of yoga, Shakti Yoga, which is said to work on sexual energy.

A recent study found that it isn’t just yoga which gets us all revved up, but that the most commonly reported exercise-induced orgasms also happened during abdominal exercises, biking, spinning and weight lifting. 

Whether it leaves you trembling in post-orgasmic bliss or shivering in a sweaty pile on the floor, yoga can definitely improve your sex life in many ways. Yoga teaches you to breathe properly, and deep, oxygenating breaths are linked to more intense orgasms - as are strong pelvic floor muscles. Yoga strengthens these intimate muscles, and the stronger your pelvic floor is, the stronger your orgasms will be. 

Not to mention the added flexibility (ooh-er!) and increased body confidence. Sign us up!


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