BTS with Joybear: We’re Talking Sexting posted on 11th December 2017

Our recent movie Exposure follows Venus, a hacker who uses technology to help inject passion and lust into people’s relationships – both online and offline.

Whilst we were behind the scenes filming, we thought we’d take a moment to ask our performers what they really think about getting kinky via their phones...

When it comes to emojis, the ‘winky face’ is most popular with the Joybear gang, along with the ‘tongue sticking out’ face.

Although we love that Emilio Ardana is a little less conventional than the rest of us. Apparently for him, the turkey emoji works every time! We had to know why, and he explained that “the second I’ve made them laugh, I’ve got them!” We’re pretty sure we’d be fawning over your turkey too, Emilio...

We also asked Julia de Lucia what she thought, and she told us that she doesn’t think emojis go far enough for her flirting techniques, saying she hopes that in the future we get some proper “dirty emojis!”

But what about sexy selfies? Ladies, if you’re thinking of taking some sexy pics for someone, Zoe Doll’s favourite moves are to take a snap in front of the mirror, legs open (with or without lingerie is your choice!), or for guaranteed success take a pic from behind showcasing a peachy bum.

For guys taking sexy selfies, Juan Lucho has some straight-talking advice. “For me a good selfie is getting myself hard, then pressing my abs to make me look much buffer than I am!”

But Julia de Lucia has a word of warning for chaps thinking of baring all in a selfie, as it can be disappointing when the real-life romance begins. “I prefer to see the body of the guy” she explains, “not just the dick! Sometimes you’ve got this big selfie, but when you are there it’s like uh, you must have made a really good plan for this picture because it’s not the same in real life!”

For one of our actors, however, flirting over text just doesn’t do it for him. Joel Tomas is an old-school gent, and explains why giving too much away in sexy pictures can actually be a turn-off. “When you see everything, you have nothing to discover!” he explains. Well, we all love a bit of imagination…

For the full Behind The Scenes video from Exposure, and stacks of other great extra clips, head over to our YouTube channel.


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