Breaking and Entering posted on 11th February 2019

Happy Monday, Joybears! Today isn’t just any old Monday – it’s a brand new chapter day here at JBHQ!

The third instalment in our ‘Secret Sex Society’ movie is now LIVE, and we’ve been dying to share this raunchy scene with you, starring Bishop Black and Julia de Lucia as two naughty robbers. 

Breaking and entering into a luxury property, these two burglars aren’t in it for the money or jewellery – they want to have steamy sex in every room in this stranger’s house. Complete with balaclava chic outfits, this incredibly fit pair move around the mansion, filming every one of their sexy endeavours on a hand-held camera. 

But will they manage to finish and escape before the police arrive...?

Watch the full chapter here – you won’t want to miss it! 


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Breaking and Entering posted on 11th February 2019