5 ways to have multiple orgasms posted on 1st January 2018

There’s only one thing better than an orgasm…and that’s multiple orgasms. 

 In many cases, women can find it harder than men to reach climax, but when it comes to the potential for quantity it’s the girls who take home the trophy. Unlike men, women don’t need a rest period between one orgasm and the next – and this means that women can remain aroused for much longer periods, and they can go again, again and again. Hurrah!

Here are our top 5 tips for explosive multiple orgasms:

1.    Relax

Orgasms begin in the mind, and so if you’re hoping for more than one it’s essential to be completely relaxed. Rather than seeing climax as a ‘finish line’ and switching off mentally afterwards, remain open to the idea of more arousal with an orgasm being a pit stop. If you need a break after orgasm, continue stimulation somewhere less sensitive such as the breasts, neck or inner thigh. Breathing deeply is great for multiple orgasms, too, as a higher level of oxygen in the blood makes for a more intense orgasm, as well as acting as a natural relaxant. 

2.    Tone those kegel muscles

Kegel muscle exercises aren’t just for new mums – they’re a simple and easy way to increase the intensity of your orgasms! Stronger muscles in the pelvis and vagina mean that when orgasm happens and your body contracts and releases, the strength of these reflexes is increased – which feels great for your partner, too. Even better, studies show that the more you orgasm the stronger these muscles get, which in turn leads to more frequent orgasms. Win-win! To exercise these muscles, simply squeeze as if you were trying to stop going for a wee mid-flow. It’s so simple and discreet todo, you can give your magic zone a workout in the supermarket. Try 15 of these squeezes, holding for 5 seconds at a time, two or three times a day.

3.    Foreplay

Warming up is always a good idea when you’re getting busy, but it’s absolutely essential when multiple orgasms are on the menu. Plenty of foreplay means that not only are you physically aroused andready for sex, you’re also emotionally geared up and on your way to your first climax. Many women aim to have their first orgasm through foreplay and then build up towards their second (or third or fourth!) during penetration. A good quality lubricant never goes amiss either, especially if your body begins to revert back to its pre-aroused state after your first climax. 

4.    Positions for clit play

If you’re aiming for multiple orgasms, chances are you’ll need to give some love to our old friend the clitoris. Be mindful of your sex positions when you’re getting busy. Can you both reach her sweet spot? Doggy or girl-on-top work particularly well if you’re adding stimulation throughout your session. If you’re using a bullet vibrator, these positions mean you’ve got plenty of room to maneuver, too!

5.    Mix it up

Sometimes when you’re stimulating the same area over and over, hypersensitivity can hit and you suddenly don’t want to be touched any more. This can happen if you’re aiming for multiples, so it’s a great idea to mix up the sensations during play. In between orgasms, try touching each other somewhere you’ve not paid attention to in a few minutes, working slowly back to the area which is giving you fireworks. Different strokes and movements can also help to heighten anticipation, a key factor in achieving an intense orgasm. Another great move to try is edging, a technique where stimulation is stopped just as climax begins in order to build even more layers of sensation. 


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