About Joybear Pictures is a film production company.
We make award-winning, sex-positive erotic films.

We are raising the standard of erotic filmmaking through our performers, locations and British film-graduate directors.

We make films that represent real-life sex. We do this because we believe credible story lines make sex really naughty. If it wouldn’t happen in real life, the chances are it wouldn’t happen in a Joybear film.

Sex is sometimes funny and not always perfect. We love that. It’s why we often leave these little moments in our films. We are also indebted to our performers, all handpicked for their charisma and natural body shapes. You may be interested to know the characters they play all undergo the ‘dinner party test’. They must be someone you’d be extremely happy to sit next to for an evening and enjoy flirting with. The more it feels like it could really happen the more of a turn on it becomes. Are you getting excited yet?

We also believe in being sex-positive. For us this is an entire approach to erotic filmmaking. It’s about women being in control, even if that means giving permission for a male character to take the reins. Happiness is a happy woman, always.

Founded by Justin Santos

Joybear Pictures was founded in 2003 by British film graduate Justin Santos after winning Playboy’s prestigious competition ‘Head to Head’, a one-off reality TV show competition to become the next biggest erotic film director. Combined with a passion for film and an old friend willing to back him, Justin established Joybear Pictures. His goal was simple. Create premium, sex positive movies.
Joybear’s award-winning films are now distributed globally and have become synonymous with high production values and ethics.

"This is empowerment porn. Strong women having a dirty great good time."
Kate Spicer

"He’ll love it and so will you, filthy girl."
New Woman.

Very British. Very Naughty.

We are premium with an edge. We are charming with a dry sense of humour. We are couples being naughty together. We are respectfully disrespectful. We are Joybear Pictures